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The Native American Preservation Association of Georgia, Inc., "NAPA", is a non-profit organization formed in December 1989 as the "Friends of Native Americans". In January 1990 the name was changed to the Native American Preservation Association of Northwest Georgia. When the Association was incorporated under the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code the name was changed to the Native American Preservation Association of Georgia, Inc.

The purpose of NAPA is to promote public interest in and understanding of Native American history, culture and traditions and to support and assist today's Native Americans in preserving their heritage.

The organization is governed by seven elected Council Members (Board of Directors). Each Council Member serves as a chairman of one of the seven interest groups that form NAPA. The interest groups, as depicted in the logo of NAPA, shown on the front cover, are:

Archaeology ( Note-this group does not participate in, sponsor nor condones ("digs"); Craft and Culture; Genealogy; History and Education; Native American Support; Special Events; and Membership.

Members of NAPA enjoy special programs, guest speakers and workshops sponsored by one of the above interest groups at the General Membership meetings. They also enjoy group trips , participation in Pow Wows, also craft , culture, dance and language instruction and much more.

NAPA publishes a monthly newsletter to inform the membership of its activities and business, and of news relating to the Native American Indian.

NAPA also sponsors the Running Water Pow Wow - Cherokee Homecoming and Ripe Corn Festival, annually on Labor Day Weekend at Ridge Ferry Park in Rome, Georgia.

With a great many of native Georgians having some trace of Native American ancestry, NAPA offers guidelines in tracing Native American roots.

NAPA offers individual help as needed to Native Americans:

Donates to worthwhile projects and Native American charities:

Supports stronger laws to protect Indian Mounds, village sites and burial grounds:

And works to bring about public awareness of the Native American, by providing programs for schools and other organizations.


The Native American Preservation Association Georgia, Inc. is a nonprofit, charitable and educational organization incorporated in 1990 under the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code.

NAPA is exempt from federal income tax under the provisions of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and contributions to NAPA are tax deductible. The Internal Revenue Service has ruled that NAPA is a publicly supported organization as described in section 509 (a) (2).


NAPA is a family oriented group a open to anyone wishing to understand more of the Native American culture. It is not necessary to be a Native American nor to be of Native American ancestry to participate in the organization.


Members are kept up to date on NAPA activities and Native American news and events thru the monthly newsletter NAPA NEWS. To view/print a copy of NAPA NEWS go to the download section on this page.


The annual General Membership meeting of the Native American Preservation Association is held on the third Sunday, at 2:00 p.m, in the month of January, and the anniversary dinner is held on the second (2nd) Sunday of December. The meetings are open to the general public and those interested in NAPA.

Council Meetings are held on the third (3rd) Sunday of each month. Council meetings are open to all members and interested non-members.

For further information contact us by mail at NAPA, P.O. Box 565, Rome, GA 30162-0565,  visit our other website at  NAPA of Georgia, or view/print our current brochure from the download section on this page.



You can contact us using either e-mail or snails mail:


Snails mail:

1930 Daffodil Dr
Acworth, GA 30102



This site was created and is maintained by Carl Yancey, member of  the Native American Preservation Association of Georgia.  All comments, opinions, and ideas are those of the authors, and are not to be taken as endorsement by or policy of NAPA, Inc.

REPRINT DISCLAIMER: Title 17, Ch. 1, Section 107 of the United States Code (USC) allows reproduction and distribution of a copywritten work for the reasons of news reporting, comment, education, and research. Under these provisions of the "Fair Use Doctrine," the Native American Preservation Association of Georgia invokes applicable protection.



To view/print a copy of NAPA NEWS, the monthly newsletter of NAPA, or the current NAPA information brochure, select one of the following. The files are in Word 2000 format.


NAPA Information Brochure NAPA Information Brochure